What should we do to eliminate fleas in dogs? What are the main remedies to end them? Discover interesting details that will help you get rid of these annoying unwanted guests in your dog’s body.

If there are some unique canine parasites known to all those are none other than fleas. These annoying insects do not hesitate to annoy our faithful canine companion when they have the opportunity. Luckily, it is in our hands to eliminate fleas in dogs.


Before explaining different remedies to end fleas in dogs, it is necessary to know in a more detailed way to these insects. The flea is a parasite between one and five millimeters long that feeds on the dog’s blood.

Although they do not live long -a month of life-, they colonize at high speed -about 40 eggs a day-, so it is necessary to get rid of them quickly. They lack wings, but with powerful jumps they can travel great distances compared to the size they possess.

The bite of a flea causes itching and irritation (there are also cases of allergy). Therefore, the main symptom we perceive in a dog with fleas is that it constantly scratches the body. Hygiene will be the key to prevent these insects from settling into your dog’s body.


Fleas on dogs are easier to get rid of than you thought. There are a number of both household and chemical remedies that effectively serve this purpose proposed in this article. Read carefully the information of interest below on this topic:

Remedies to eliminate fleas from your dog

We recommend that, before using any of the remedies that appear in this section, go to your trusted veterinarian so that he is the one in charge of prescribing the best remedy for your pet. The qualified professional you trust will almost certainly prescribe one of these products:

Flea Spray

If you want a quick and easy to apply treatment, the anti-flea spray is the best product for it. Simply spray the dog with this treatment against the coat and the effect will be immediate.

In order for the application to be effective, you should massage the animal’s body well once you have applied the spray. Of course, under no circumstances should you pour the product into the animal’s eyes or nostrils.

We are talking about a product that has a great advantage: most sprays are suitable for young animals. Puppies and kittens can therefore be daubed with this substance without any risk.

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