For any company, especially those with normal office content, but also a research and development team and a fully equipped factory, office removals can be very cumbersome if the chosen removal company is not able to cope with the task.

What can make moving offices more difficult is that the company will usually want to leave the job on Friday and sit in its new desk by Monday the following morning. If this does not happen, it is usually due to the mistakes of the removal company and can have a huge impact on the company’s productivity and thus on customer satisfaction.

Therefore, a bad move to the office can have a very harmful effect on the company and its profits.

So to make sure that moving the office goes unscathed here are 10 things to check with a potential office removal company:

Are the employees full-time, experienced and properly trained, and do they have adequate insurance? Each experienced company will be happy to show you its insurance and allow you to meet with its employees.

Is the company a member of BAR (British Association of Removers) & The National Guild of Removers & Storers. This is mandatory and you can check your company by visiting your own BAR website.

Whether a dedicated removal manager will be present during the move. Relationships are very important, so make sure you have one contact person who knows your move outside.

Do the relocation company’s plans make sense? Some companies have put forward ideas that are too complicated and too expensive.

Do they have experience of the kind of relocation you are doing? A good removal office company shows photos and gives references of their employees moving similar companies to yours.

Can they provide you with all your packaging equipment, including standard crates, IT boxes, antistatic bubble bags, roll cages, boxes, wrapping paper?

Do they have deliberately built, dried, safe storage of surplus office and factory equipment? Sometimes you may not want to move everything at once if you don’t make sure your business has the right warehouse.

Does the company have an environmental policy and is it able to dispose of unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way? If the removal company can return to destroy your company’s name – especially if it disposes of illegal equipment and your company name appears on the equipment.

Does your company comply with data protection guidelines and is it able to dispose of IT equipment in a secure manner? This is mandatory and experienced removal companies will be able to provide evidence of their data protection plans.

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